Out to the market in the Pays d'Uzès

The rendez-vous of taste amateurs, a  flavour centre.

Markets, very important in Uzès

Markets during the week

Four seasons in full color

Markets with theme

Products from our region ...

fruits et legumes en pays d_uzes

Uzège has always been a land of vegetable and grain production.
Until the late 50s, the plains of Jols and Fouzes provided the ducal city.
The presence of many farmhouses around Uzes still bears witness to this farming tradition.

Each square had its specificity ...

If one goes back in time, we can see that market life was very well organized and "Everything was in its place!"

At each site, specificity!

place aux herbes marché

The ducal city was then fully occupied by markets:
- Place aux Herbes once housed the fruits and vegetables, what we once called the "grass".
- Place aux Blés (current Place Albert 1er) was dedicated to cereals
- Place Tour du Roy hosted the pig market.

Today, only the Place aux Herbes has remained an emblematic place:

The rendez-vous of stallholders.

We have been talking about it since 1226!

Did you know ?
Writings dating back to 1226 talk about the Uzes market on Saturday.
It was not until the XIVth century,
that the Wednesday market was mentionned in addition to Saturday one.

Weekly markets

marche uzes

Today, six weekly markets animate Uzes and the surrounding villages of the Pays d'Uzes.
  • Tuesday morning in St-Quentin la Poterie : producers’ market under the Halles.
  • Wednesday monrning in Uzès : producers’ market on the Place aux Herbes.
  • Friday morning in St-Quentin la Poterie : market under the Halles.
  • Friday morning in Garrigues Ste-Eulalie : market on the Place de la Mairie.
  • Saturday morning in Uzès : over 200 stallholders set up on the Place aux Herbes and on the circular boulevards.
  • Sunday morning in Montaren : small producers' market on the Place du Plan.

Check out our agenda for markets, fairs and exhibitions during your holidays.

Local products with a Provencal taste ...


Asparagus season

Ah asparagus!
Growing wild in our countryside.
Some love to pick them when walking along paths.
But it is mostly on our stalls that your will find them as soon as beginning of April, our cultivated asparagus. It isn’t rare to see asparagus pickers when driving around in Uzès and surroundings.
You know the white asparagus, delicious when accompanied by a mousseline dressing or a simple vinaigrette.
Here, we especially honour our green asparagus.
Let yourself be tempted by its more intense savour and its crispy.

asperges en pays d-uzes

Do not hesitate to ask for recipe ideas, like this one for example...

Penne with asparagus tips

Brown in a pan the asparagus tips in a little olive oil with a sweet onion or scallion, a garlic head, a bay leaf, salt, pepper and a diced tomato. Once the asparagus nicely browned, mix in the penne al dente and brown a few more minutes…
Plate up and sprinkle a little Parmesan.
Bon appetite !

Touches of bright colours


The ultimate fruit and spring desert ... 

fraises marché uzès

Strawberries bring scarlet red onto our stalls.
You cannot miss them as they immediately waken our delicacy.


Spring also brings along Ranonculus (buttercups), tulips, peonies and many other flowers ...
One can often see a bunch of flowers sticking out from a basket, bought with passion, to bring a touch of this amazing spring into the living room.

fleurs marché uzès

Summer, queen of the seasons ....

Our sun-drenched vegetables and fruits

The season when the tomatoes reign,
Courgettes and their flowers,
cherries, apricots, peaches,
nectarines and melons.

Thyme, rosemary, bay, basil

What would southern cuisine be like without our aromatic plants ?

Of course garlic, inescapable ingredient of southern cuisine along with Lezignan or Cevennes onions, all theses ingredients vital to our delicious recipes

Sunflowers for an extra touch of light...


or a bouquet of lavender ?

Nothing better than lavender to bring a delicate perfume to your interior and wardrobes.

lavande marché uzès

Autumn, meet up with gentleness...

The season announces the arrival of mushrooms, curcubitacae, apples and figs.
The gentleness of the reds, oranges and browns.


Winter, stay nice and warm

truffes uzes

In winter we savour chestnuts, pumpkins and marrow, often a delicate taste combined in a soup.

And how not to mention the black diamond :

Truffle, whose season begins in December and ends in February.


All the culinary specialities meet up to enchant your taste buds

Olive oil, olives prepared in one million different ways...
Today will it be green olives with lemon, garlic, anchovies ?
Finally it twill be black olive tapenade ! 

marché uzès olives

Pelardons and goat cheeses...

marché uzès pélardons

Honeys, cordial, handmade jams or other chutneys for your gourmet breaks...

sirop et confitures

Delicatessen from the Cevennes, Camargue boars and Mediterranean fish...

poisson méditerranée

Sea food composing a delicious tray for you or a brasoucade with mussels, olive oil and onions.
An ideal speciality to get together for an aperitif and open a bottle of white wine AOP Duché d'Uzès !

marché uzès poissons

Textures, fabrics, motifs...

Uzès market still has secret for you to discover...
You will find cloths, coloured clothes, hats, damasked table cloths, Provençal quilts, kitchen utensils made out of olive tree wood.

marché uzès

Artisanal prints of local traditions bring joy and colour to your table, your interiors, your life !

Colour with an accent...

After going round the stalls, take time to have a break sheltered by the century old plane trees and savour a relaxing moment.
You suddenly smell, listen, hear, look...

ambiance marché pays uzes

This moment is yours !

Our markets, an ambiance to lived, as here the Gard accent has Provincial tones to it.

marche uzes terrasse cafe

Night markets...

During the summer season, markets also happen at night !

When the summer heat gives way to the gentleness of the end of the day, from 6pm, night markets in Uzès and surrounding villages offer you local products, arts and crafts, animations, tasting and restoration with local products.

A time for sharing, friendliness and simplicity when we savour, stroll, meet the Uzès people with a smile.
Moments of happiness when we can also dance on Argentinian Tango, or on more Pop or Jazzy tunes...

marche nocturne en pays d_uzes

Potters’ markets...

marche ceramique uzes

Ceramic has its own dedicated days.

In Uzès but mostly in St-Quentin la Poterie, these markets offer the possibility to find a whole range of potteries for your utensil objects or decorations.

marché des potiers

Expertize and the art of shaping material !

Plant markets...

Flower beds and plants on our squares.

marché aux fleurs

When the nice days arrive, we all want to see our gardens come into flower and be coloured one thousand different shades.
It is also then that we need to be in harmony with the Earth and practice one the most popular activities in the hexagon : gardening.

marche aux plantes uzes

The Place aux Herbes of Uzès becomes a vast flower bed where the most amazing flowers meet the more basic ones, the essential and timeless ones for our flower pots, balconies, terraces, gardens or parks.

Flea markets...

puces uzes

Every Sunday in Uzes the antique and bargain hunters meet to find all kinds of treasures.

On the car park alongside the Rugby pitch, you will find objects with a past, a story that are ready to live through new ones.

And who knows, you may bring them a new life ?

For those who love old books, the boulevards of Uzès welcome second hand book sellers and other antique amateurs.

puces uzes

Christmas markets...

Santons sur le marché de Noël à Uzès

Near by Provence blows over its Christmas spirit.

From end of November through to Christmas, Uzès country dresses up for the end of year festivities.

Markets are organized all through the period of festive preparations to help you find ideas.

Uzès lights up.

Uzès becomes a gourmet rendez vous, fairly like and inspirational for your presents and tables.